Journey24Everfit is more than planks push-ups; it is a space where you are encouraged to prioritize your well-being first and live the healthier lifestyle you seek. My goal is to help you find joy in your journey and seamlessly make fitness a part of your daily routine

For over 35 years, I've been right there with women like you, helping to navigate the complex changes that midlife brings.

Whether you're growing in your career, building your dream as a coach or consultant, or finding the balance between your own needs and caregiving for others, this journey is for you.

Whether we're sweating it out together in a live class or you're exploring the perfect session from our On-Demand library, this is the essence of Journey24Everfit. It's a fitness space designed to align with your life as it is now, guiding you to become the embodiment of your fitness goals.

I look forward to connecting with y

Be Well,
Your coach- Heather


I am passionate about teaching others how to incorporate fitness into their daily routine, by treating their fitness goals and journey as daly self care. whether you have 5 minutes or 55 minutes, i can help you make the most of each moment.


- Livestream classes available 5 days per week.

-On Demand library to easily workout on your own time. #fitnessatyourfingertips

- Options for all fitness levels

- Individual Program Design

- Virtual and In Person Training Sessions


My love of bodies in motion started early in childhood. I was the child that could not stand still  and always curious about the way others moved. I can recall being reprimanded for dancing in the lunch line at school, little did I know my love for movement and my experience in dance, gymnastics and theater would turn  into a career.

I taught my first “aerobic” class in high school and shortly thereafter  I started teaching professionally. Over the past 30+ years, I have taught many Group Exercise Format and  I have encouraged people from ages 5 to 85 to learn to enjoy their fitness journey by simply moving.

The journey to forever fit is a total being journey. My goal is to teach busy people to view their fitness as a daily gift of self care that includes physical fitness, mental health and spiritual wellness. No matter how busy your schedule may be, creating space each day for your fitness will lead to a healthier lifestyle and overall improved well being.


"Heather’s ZOOM Body Pump has been the highpoint of my stay home experience. It takes a cement trick for me to miss a class. Okay and I a a little bit worried about whether or not I can survive the next class. Heather is excellent:(even though the squat and lifts are just squats and lifts) she makes sure every participant hears what he or she needs to work in good form. She has mastered the technology and adjust the routines each time. She acknowledges every person in class and there are usually a LOT of people in class. She offers to record a class when someone can not make it. She instructs/chats through the whole hour and still leaves time for water, I never bail during class and I feel like I can lift my Volkswagen!" - Katherine F.

"Just finished the class recording from today's Body Pump. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I so appreciate you." - Linda D.

"I slept like a rock, class (Step Up To The Barre) was great! Love you, you are going to get me there!" - Barbra S.

"Thank you for this week's classes.  I've had a lot going on, so it's been great to have the recordings to center myself :)" - Gail B.

“Even when I watch a recording of you (your class), it feels like you are there telling me to hold in my abs (LOL). Thank you for the recording. I enjoyed the dance” -Dinitri D

"Great Body Pump class today. I was working out so hard I fogged up my glasses." - Sheryl H.

"Thank you for the recorded workouts for my time away. Loved the hotel workout! Perfect way to start my day." - Karen M.